Hi, I’m John Borland


I’m an author, podcaster and coach who is on a mission to empower individuals, teams and whole organisations to develop themselves. One of my fundamental beliefs is that all of us have the solutions to our own problems already within us. We have the capacity to develop and grow ourselves from the inside out. Often it takes connection, relationship and the right environment for us to find these answers, but they are there if only we are brave enough to go looking. I also believe that the key to our happiness is found within the quality of our connections in life.

John Borland family


I’m also a husband and a father to three amazing kids and I now live in the middle of a village in the north of England.  I spent my early life dreaming of being a professional footballer and after a very brief playing career, I then headed off to university to study Theology. From there I found my way into the world of working with young people and families in areas of deprivation. I moved myself into the inner-city and lived above a community centre in the midst of an area with high unemployment, high crime rates and high levels of anti-social behaviour. It was in these years that looking back I learnt the most about human behaviour, the power of belief and what it takes to truly connect and develop.

I stumbled upon coaching. Which maybe sounds strange considering I’m now an Accredited Master Coach, have written a book on the subject and train people how to be coaches. However, I never intended to be a coach, I didn’t even really know what it was. When I found it though, I realised it suited me perfectly. It was the most empowering way I had found to help people to develop themselves.



Fast forward 12 or more years and here I am. Hosting a weekly podcast show, having written a couple of books, trained hundreds of people and being invited to speak at various events.


I could tell you more, but I’d rather we got to know each other, so get in touch and tell me how I might be able to help…    

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