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About John


  • Accredited Master Coach
  • 2 x Author
  • Speaker
  • Podcaster
  • Ex-professional footballer

Working with people is what I do best, and ‘people development’ is exactly what it sounds like – empowering people to develop, grow and improve themselves. 

So, imagine yourself, your team or your business… but better.  That’s the vision I’ll help you to make your reality. 

From the individual to the team, the boardroom to the entire business, I will support and challenge you to grow, through my insightful and straight-forward style.

I create lasting change by listening to you, asking the right questions, giving you great insights, providing you with bags of support and creating the space for you to develop. Working with me will change the way you think, act and even live forever.

My Values


I aim to keep everything as straight forward, and down to earth as it can possibly be.


I like to keep everything real and display integrity, honesty and truth in all I do.


Having the space to think, to grow and to explore are an integral part of everything I do.


I want to make the world a fairer place where everyone has the opportunity to grow.


Although I take my work seriously, having fun is also an important part of the process.