121 Coaching

Since becoming a professional coach in 2008 I’ve provided 121 coaching for a vast range of people, from children to Chief Executives and everyone in-between.


Working with me will empower you to develop yourself, raise your self-awareness and discover your answers to find your path in life. The most effective part of coaching is that I don’t tell you what you should do; I enable you to discover the answers for yourselves, because I whole-heartedly believe that you are the expert on you.


In essence, I place the ball firmly in your court because I believe that people are much more likely to do something if they have chosen it, rather than being told to do it.


Coaching is a partnership we will create between us, that will give you a space to talk that is confidential, non-judgmental, truthful, challenging and caring. I host sessions over Zoom, so you can access coaching with me wherever you are in the world.


Usually coaching sessions are 1 hour in length and happen monthly or fortnightly. There is no set amount of sessions as we will continue coaching for as long or short as you find it beneficial.

Coaching Sessions are £250 (+VAT) per session