Become a Coach

If you are looking to become a coach yourself, either as a change of career or to use coaching more within your current role then I have a straight-forward training programme to get you there. From an introductory workshop to complete coaching mastery, I will empower you to not only learn the skills of coaching, but to also really understand how to be a coach and do coaching in your own unique way.

Bright Coaching Fundamentals is an on-demand introductory programme which will give you a fundamental understanding of what coaching really is and how to use it within your day-to-day life and work. John Borland will take you through the steps to create more effective conversations both in your professional and personal life, gaining greater understanding of coaching frameworks and techniques along the way.

An interactive Diploma course providing an in-depth study of Bright coaching and it’s theoretical foundations through discussion, group exercises, self-study and live coaching practice.

Designed in line with The Association for Coaching Accreditation Scheme this course provides sufficient training hours for coaches wishing to pursue Professional or Master Coach Accreditation with the AC.

Hone your skills and enhance your awareness, amongst a group of high-quality, like-minded coaches, the Coaching Mastery Programme will build upon the attributes you already possess as a coach. Challenging, reflecting and shaping you and your coaching practice through theory, discussion, live practice, feedback and peer review.