Coaching Mastery

Discover Who You Really Are As A Coach And Take Your Coaching To The Next Level Through The Coaching Mastery Programme

Honing your skills and enhancing your awareness, amongst a group of high-quality, like-minded coaches, the Coaching Mastery Programme will build upon the attributes you already possess as a coach. Challenging, reflecting and shaping you and your coaching practice through theory, discussion, live practice, feedback and peer review.

Learning the skills of coaching is very different from ‘being’ a coach and from truly embodying coaching. This programme will empower you to be the coach you are truly meant to be.

This programme is by invitation only and we will work with a maximum group of 10.

Course Structure

Classroom teaching: 6 days (42 hrs) 1 day per month over 6 months

Observed Coaching Practice: Observed practice session with peer group review

Self-Review: Recorded coaching session with self-review (written or spoken)

Round-Table Discussions: Peer-discussions on coaching topics

Self-Study: Ongoing


The programme costs £996 + VAT which can be paid in full or as interest free monthly instalments.

Course Content

Module 1 – Awareness and Presence
Developing greater awareness and intuition

Module 2 – Coaching Ego
Transcending ego and creating ego-free coaching

Module 3 – Coaching Narratives
Coaching through the stories we and our clients hold

Module 4 – Going Directive
When to use directiveness within coaching

Module 5 – Transformation Within
Coaching clients through the change curve

Module 6 – Coaching Supervision
Understanding and using the 7 eyed model of supervision

Upcoming Dates

Via Zoom Video Conferencing

This course runs over 6 days 9.30am – 4.30 pm. Future dates to be confirmed.